Our best features for your incubator

Njano offers a set of customizable tools that will help you run your incubator operations effectively.


All-in-one Dashboard! Start your day with a dynamic and thorough overview of your space. The dashboard allows you to track and visualize all your important data instantly.


The Njano calendar is a user-friendly feature that gathers all previous or upcoming events, and bookings in place with the option of adding and removing ones at his convenience.

Community Management

Your team and space users can easily communicate through private messaging, social circles, and feed posts.

Reporting Management

Now, you can easily build a thorough and detailed report with all your information at hand.

Internal Management

This is your go-to feature to run your daily operations. Here, you can access the user-base, events, manage room booking and much more!


Keep your members updated and engaged!

Bring your event to life with minimal effort. Your users can learn all about what you have to offer through their dashboards and can sign up in just a few clicks. You can even create different types of tickets and share your event with your network.

Space users

Do you have an issue storing your member information? Not anymore! Check your user data, update them, and assign plans all in one place. You can customize your membership plans, adjust the daily and hourly access and the services offered with each one.


A revolutionary and automatic room booking tool!

Experience a flexible room booking process that takes into account the price, the length of the booking, and the user’s membership plan. Your members will be able to choose a meeting room based on its availability and amenities through a built-in calendar.


You wanna report an issue? Njano displays this feature for users to communicate complaints related to equipment, wifi, temperature,.. and many others for managers to fix them and track the solving progress of each one.


Enjoy the power of customizing unlimited plans for every type of membership your organization offers. You can adjust the daily and hourly access and the services offered including the number of free booking hours.


Njano spares you the effort of managing countless applications.

With our solution, you can easily scroll through your submissions, review them as well as validate them for the next selection step.


Discover a customizable interface to conduct your individual meetings!

Discover a customizable interface to conduct your individual meetings! You can set your slots, get booked from your community and have your touchpoint hosted on Njano!


Managing your incubees' livrables is now easier than ever!

Dive into a flexible feature that enables you to set, track and review assignments in simple clicks.

Circles & Feed

Create or join circles that match your interests and get an overview about them all in your Feed!


Communicate privately with your colleagues and space users or connect with external Njano users through a live chat system.

People & startups

Get to know more about your community members and build strong collaborations For a long-term community bond.

Trust us and feel free to try our solution.


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