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Njano is a cloud-based flexible office management solution designed to manage coworking spaces. But not only that, Njano is an excellent solution to link startups, people and communities. The beta version of Njano was launched at the African Crossroads event last year. Since then, it has been refined and redefined to become what it is now. The platform is user-friendly and consists of a number of tools and features that are really helpful. With the current conditions, the African Crossroads event switched from physical to online. The use of a tool that would facilitate interactions between the communities seemed adequate, if not needed. Njano represented the perfect platform for this matter.

The menu contains five main functionalities that you can access: the dashboard, calendar, profile, space and community. The dashboard allows you to take a glance at the most important information like for example events to come, meetings, the lost and found section (for physical events) and many more which is really helpful to not miss out on anything. On the other hand, the calendar allows you to look in a more detailed fashion at the timeline and what is scheduled, like meetings, arrival of guests, events etc. “My space” contains different sub-categories to which you can access. For example, “events” allow you to take a look at the available events in details. You can access to information about the events whether they have already taken place, or are scheduled for the future. The other sub-categories are ones that are dedicated to coworking spaces mostly, like for example room booking, membership plans, claims, lost and found etc. Finally, the “My community” functionality is one that we find to be the most important on the platform. It allows the community to connect, interact and communicate which is the essence of African Crossroads. You can for example check your feed to see if there is any activity of the community or create a circle. Circles are spaces for people with similar interests in which you can share about certain topics or subjects. For instance, if your field of interest is entrepreneurship and you want to share and expand your ideas, you can create a circle for people with the same interests as you in order to discuss the subject which is the core of African Crossroads; discussing the future of Africa. Many circles have already been created for this matter like “Traditional music experience”, “African cosmologies and drinks” and many more. You can also find a space that is reserved for startups. In this sub-category, you can find a list of different startups that are associated to African Crossroads as well as Afkar, a partner incubator, for example. You can take look at a startup’s description, founders, e-mail and phone number, this allows you to enter in contact with the founders if you’re interested in its services, common project or partnership.

Njano opened up so many windows by giving the African Crossroads a platform that answers most of the needs of the event in these challenging times. In the meantime, we invite you to register and take a glance at the platform and get the chance to discover it. We are confident that the community of African Crossroads which is avid of interaction and communication will find this tool of a particular help. The event is still taking place in the shape of gatherings that occur in a monthly fashion. Stay tuned for more of African Crossroads!


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