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Njano offers a set of customizable tools that will help you run your coworking space operations effectively.


All-in-one Dashboard! Start your day with a dynamic and thorough overview of your space. The dashboard allows you to track and visualize all your important data instantly.

Financial Management

Keep an eye on your numbers and get real-time data and visual representations of the financial health of your space as well as smart and thorough financial management tools.

Community Management

Your team and space users can easily communicate through private messaging, social circles, and feed posts.

Reporting Management

Now, you can easily build a thorough and detailed report with all your information at hand.

Internal Management

This is your go-to feature to run your daily operations. Here, you can access the user-base, events, manage room booking and much more!

Space user management

Do you have an issue storing your member information? Not anymore! Check your user data, update them, and assign plans all in one place. You can customize your membership plans, adjust the daily and hourly access and the services offered with each one.

Events Management

Keep your members updated and engaged! Bring your event to life with minimal effort. Your users can learn all about what you have to offer through their dashboards and can sign up in just a few clicks. You can even create different types of tickets and share your event with your network.

Lost and found Management

An effective way to deal with lost property! Losing an item is a delicate matter and a recurring issue that can disturb the environment in your space. With Njano, you will get a centralized feed allowing your users to share announcements and interact if they lost or found an item.

Claims management

You wanna report an issue? Njano displays this feature for users to communicate complaints related to equipment, wifi, temperature,.. and many others for managers to fix them and track the solving progress of each one.

Rooms Booking management

Experience a flexible and customizable room booking process for you and your space users. You will be able to add room details, book them, and allow your space users to book through a built-in calendar.

Front Desk

Are you expecting a guest? Will an order be delivered to you soon? Take your Frontdesk operations to the next level. You will easily notify your space users of incoming guests and deliveries along with assigning space tours to your staff or allow them to announce their expected visitors.


Eager to collect your users feedback ? Njano offers you a set of tools to create your customized surveys. You can send them directly to your users and review them afterwards .


Creating an invoice item has never been easier!

You can easily create invoice items, categorize them into goods or services, and even add the appropriate taxes. These items will be automatically displayed in a dropdown menu ensuring a quick creation of estimates and invoices.


Keep an eye on your purchases and view your suppliers database in one place.

Your expenses are also categorized through the tracking accounts that will show you real-time data and visual representations of the financial health of your space.


Carry all your assets at your fingertips!

Managing your assets doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore. You will always get real-time visibility into the state of your equipment, whether they are checked-in, checked-out, lost, damaged, or in perfect condition.

Circles & Feed

Create or join circles that match your interests and get an overview about them all in your Feed!


Communicate privately with your colleagues and space users or connect with external Njano users through a live chat system.

People & startups

Get to know more about your community members and build strong collaborations For a long-term community bond.

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