Introducing The New Version Of Njano !

We are excited to announce that the new version of Njano is now online and available to everyone!

Meet our all-in-one management solution enhanced to further help coworkers and incubators run their operations frustration-free.

Discover some highlights of our new releases:

  • ⚡️ Variety of logging options: henceforth, Njano enables you to sign and log in using your Google, Facebook and Linkedin accounts
  • ⚡️ A more inclusive experience: by few clicks, you can easily switch between incubator and coworking features. Now you can run both at the same time!
  • ⚡️ An exciting embedded learning journey: We checked a new milestone in Njano.. A new E-learning section has joined the game!
  • Enjoy creating a fruitful knowledge experience to your community by adding a wide range of resources (videos, articles, blogs, ..)
  • ⚡️ More data-driven management: your data is now a few clicks away. Njano solution enables you to export events attendance, your community database as well as their responses to campaigns.
  • ⚡️ Keep up with any updates: we worked on upgrading our notifications system on Njano. From now on, you can allow Njano to send you browser notifications along with an embedded notifications bell that gives you and your community real-time updates and reminders.

We are excited to have you discover these new releases. Don’t think twice and jump right to your Njano access to know more about this new experience. And as always, feel free to reach out to our team for any assistance or feedback 💛


Send us a message and let's explore how we can assist you on your journey.

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