March Newsletter

With the end of winter, we hope March has been your great month to “spring” into effective and impactful actions.

This month’s newsletter is dedicated to businesses running incubation programs. In fact, the number of accelerators and incubators went up five times between 2009 and 2018 and the trend is still ongoing.

And with this wide and fast expansion, diverse operational needs have surfaced. As a way to solve them, Njano has widened its target by adding incubators to its frustration-free Management solution.

Hence, here’s the main sections Njano designed and developed to make incubators' experience easier!

Hence, here’s the main sections Njano designed and developed to make incubators' experience easier!

Easy One-on-one Booking System

The complexity and cost of booking platforms make the meetings scheduling difficult. Njano offers within its solution a section dedicated to this need. It includes easy availability setting and booking, instant notification system along with a virtual video-conference for the meeting.

Smooth Interviews Management

Incubators find it hard to interview their potential beneficiaries by jumping from one tool to another: between reuniting the jury, setting a meeting, evaluating the candidate and deliberating.

Sensing these hardships, the Interviews section comes as a one stop shop feature that covers all of the tasks mentioned above in a user-friendly way.

Highly Customizable Assignments

Njano sensed the importance of this section for incubators which led us to put great efforts to make it highly customizable for our users!

Mentors/Coaches can add assignments, set their deadlines and automatically notify their fellows. Consequently, Njano presents a portal to submit the deliverables to be reviewed and validated.

Since we recognize that incubators activity extends far beyond this, many more features are to come in the pipeline of Njano. Stay tuned for more!


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